BTCCGL facility is available for rentals as per rental policy and room availability. The pictures below may not be true representation of rental rooms. To reserve, please email or fill out the form: Rental Reservation

(Please make payment only after receiving confirmation email from BTCCGL) 
Main Hall. Holds approximately 200 people and includes music system, microphones, projector and spot lights
Upstairs large room. Holds ~60people and includes projector. A/V set up available on request (additional charge)


Room Day BTCCGL Member Rates Non-member


Annual Life Bronze &


Upstairs Large Room


Mon-Thu $75 $60 $45
Fri-Sun $90 $75 $60
Main Hall Mon-Thu $175 $120 $90
Fri-Sun $325 $225 $175
Rental duration: 6 hour minimum, includes time for set up/ tear down.

Events longer than 6 hours will be prorated at rates shown above

Additional time for set up: $20/ hour (main hall) and $10/ hour (upstairs large room)
Main hall rental includes: Use of kitchen during event for warming food etc. Use of A/V system and projector
Additional kitchen time for cooking: $30 for 3 hours (based on availability)
Upstairs room includes projector (HDMI input only) and home theater system, AV system
Renters are responsible for:

•Abiding by all rental policies

•Room set up and taking things down after rental

•Taking out all trash after their event

Rental requests and additional discounts will be considered by BTCCGL executive committee based on the renter’s use of the hall and compatibility to the BTCCGL’s primary mission.

Rental Availability

Rental Reservation

Rental Policy