BTCCGL Rental Reservation Request Form:




By submitting this form or email request the renter acknowledges acceptance of BTCCGL Rental Policy and regulations.

Liability:  The listed renter or organization shall be liable for claims, damages or losses arising from the use of of the facilities and each member of the organization shall release and hold harmless BTCCGL from such claims, damages or losses. *In the event that the renting organization’s activities involve non-members, then a certificate of liability insurance shall be provided to BTCCGL prior to any such activity.

Notice: The authorized representative listed below shall inform the members of their organization of the Use Restriction and Liability paragraphs listed above and the BTCCGL Rental Policy rules so that all members shall have knowledge of the organization’s rights and responsibilities. In the event of any violation, I understand that the activity may be suspended immediately and/or the group may lose the privilege of use of BTCCGL facility. I understand that any electrical equipment or materials used may be inspected or further information required by a BTCCGL member before approval.

Use Restrictions: The use of BTCCGL facility is restricted to civic, community, educational, religious and recreational purposes, meetings of community groups, social gatherings, and short or long term lease approved by the executive committee. Further restrictions applicable as per the rental policy

No alcoholic beverages are allowed at BTCCGL. No smoking is allowed on BTCCGL property. Only Vegetarian Food (no meat, poultry or fish) is allowed in the facility.

The rental rooms at BTCCGL are not ADA compliant. Upon submission of this form you will receive confirmation by email which room is assigned. Please send full payment by Paypal (online) or check to BTCCGL 1210 Montgomery St West Lafayette, IN 47906 within 5 business days after the room reservation confirmation is received . If you decide to pay by Paypal you will receive a payment link via email after the reservation is confirmed.  You can also email us at for any questions you may have. Please be aware of the cancellation policy. Credit card fees charged by Paypal are not reimbursable if cancellation occurs.