“MyPlate to YourPlate” – NutriPledge Workshop on Saturday, October 28 at 4 pm

As part of the community outreach, BTCCGL and NutriPledge bring you a Food and Nutrition workshop for mutual benefit.
“MyPlate to Your Plate” is an introductory food and nutrition workshop designed for adults 18 years or older. This workshop explores the relationship among food intake, nutrition, and health. This workshop introduces the nation’s food and nutrition policies and programs with a little zest of Ayurveda (world’s oldest holistic healing system) to help you make healthy food choices.  This would be an inexpensive way of learning from a licensed professional as to how eating right with exercise can promote health and prevent unintentional weight gain, chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, cancer and much more.
Please register below to take advantage of this unique opportunity and learn about your relationship with food and how it might be affecting your nutrition and health. BTCCGL Members get special pricing.
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Please contact info@btccgl.org or schaubey@nutripledge.com for any questions on this workshop.