Karva Chauth Worship and Celebrations on Saturday, October 27 at 4:30 pm

Karva Chauth Worship   Saturday, October 27 4:30 pm (Worship area)   Please RSVP   to join the potluck dinner and moon sighting after worship.      Contact Archana Sharma at archanajee0815@gmail.com or 765-497-4365 for any questions on this event. For any temple related questions, please email temple@btccgl.org KARVA CHAUTH SIGNUP FOR DINNER

Diwali Celebrations: Sri Lakshmi Puja on Wednesday, November 7 starting at 6:30 pm

Wednesday, November 7 6:30 pm (Worship Area) Officiated by Pankaj Sharma Please join us for Sri Lakshmi puja to celebrate Diwali festival!   Sri Lakshmi Puja & Aarti Pradhana Karta ($151) – up to 2 sponsors. Puja Services & Offerings

Sundarkand Recitation on Saturday, November 17 at 10:30 am

Please join us in the worship area. Conducted by Brijesh & Kanchan Srivastava